Sheep and Pickle Farm is a pasture-centered sheep enterprise located in Williston, Vermont, formerly in Brookfield, Vermont.  We raise grade Cormos and Registered, Purebred Bluefaced Leicesters.  The BFLs have their own website at The Dorward Flock.  We take great pride in all of the products our sheep provide:  lamb, mutton, pelts, yarn, handspinning fleece, roving and batts.   We also take pride in treating our sheep with love and respect.  To us, this means providing optimum feed through rotational grazing, providing light shelter and shade at pasture, monitoring health carefully.

Our sheep live in public, on the grounds of the Catamount Family Outdoor Center.  Please feel very welcome to come and visit the sheep!  Several are quite friendly and would love to be petted.  Please be forewarned- the black and white fences are electric.  The sheep request that dogs stay in the car or at a respectful distance.

Please feel welcome to Contact Us with any questions or special requests!